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Getting Here
There are various ways to get to Hotel Alejandro.
Once arriving into Tacloban by plane, bus, etc, simply jump into a hire car with driver, or climb onboard a motorcab, and tell the driver where you want to go and you'll travel directly to the hotel.  Or for a bit of site seeing, jump on a colorful jeepney that is heading into downtown Tacloban, enjoy the ride, but don't forget to get off when you're near the Hotel.  And if out in the subdivisions, you can't go past the pedicabs for a nice leisurely, relaxing ride.


And of course, once you arrive at the hotel, you'll be greeted by
our lovely and courteous reception staff after entering
through the large lobby area.

Tacloban Map

Although Tacloban can not be accessed directly from overseas at this moment in time, there are still many ways to get here from various parts of the Philippines.

Flying between Manila and Tacloban happens
multiple times a day.  Flights are operated
by Cebu Pacific and Philippines Airlines.
The Cebu / Tacloban route is flown daily by
Philippines Airlines, and Cebu Pacific also flys the
route many times a week.
Passenger ships ply the path into Tacloban with
overnite travel that can be as comfortable as a
cabin suite or simply a bed for the trip.  
For the adventurous, many different bus companies
connect  various parts of Leyte, and indeed the
rest of the Philippines to Tacloban.  
If you wanted, you could hire a vehicle and travel
the country on your way to us.

Leyte, the province that Tacloban resides in, is well worth a visit during your stay in the Philippines.  Traveling to Leyte is similar to Tacloban above, with 2 main changes.

The main airport in Leyte is the one located in Tacloban, and is the only one serviced by the 3
main airlines in the Philippines (as mention above).
There are localized airfields in other parts of Leyte.
Another interesting (and fast) mode of transport
into Leyte, other then those mentioned above, is
the SuperCat.  A high speed catamaran that links
Cebu to Ormoc, and vise versa, 3 times a day.
To get to the many island around Leyte, that the
Philippines is famous for, can be done by using
the simple but effective, Banca boats.

Leyte Map


Philippine Map
The trip to the Philippines can be made through various means, and most methods offer the traveler the opportunity to visit other countries on their way over.

Many international airlines fly into Manila, most
stopping through other major Asian destinations
like Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.
There are even some airlines that will fly into
Cebu and Davao.
By sea is always an option as well, traveling
through the oceans that surround the South
East Asian countries.
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